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“Your Car, Your Choice”

“Your Car, Your Choice” it’s a simple message. “When you have an accident and want your vehicle fixed through your insurance company, you can choose your own repairer.
Insurance companies will try to steer you to their own approved repairer who may not always be manufacturer approved as it is a more cost-effective option for them.
There are claims that thousands of drivers across the country are being directed to use insurance approved accident repair centres because most motorists are not aware it is their choice who repairs their car.
Most drivers would only want a manufacturer approved accident repair centre to repair their car, the benefit being: -
• Manufacturer approved technicians & trained team
• Only using genuine manufacturer parts and paint systems
• Validating your manufacturer’s paint and body warranty
• Quality repairs and knowledge assured
• Manufacturer tooling and methods
• Manufacturer Regular audited premises, systems and processes
but they simply don’t know that they can choose their services – and many simply aren’t being told.
Drivers having their cars repaired by non- manufacturer approved accident repair centres, do not have to use genuine parts and paint systems and are not audited and trained with the manufacturers’ specific repair methods and latest technologies to keep the vehicle safe on the road.
Everyone has the right to choose where their car is repaired – let’s make sure everyone is aware!

Poole Accident Repair

Your Choice
• It is your legal right to choose who repairs your car. Don’t compromise.
• We only use genuine manufacturer paint, parts, products and methods.
• Our repairs reinstate your cars, paint and body warranty.
• We have consistently good customer service results from our valued customers.

Our Expertise
• We are manufacturer approved and adhere to strict regular audited guidelines.
• Our Team are trained by the manufacturer to repair correctly and safely.
• We are trusted.
• We know how much your car means to you and take pride in caring for you and your car.

Your Peace of mind
• Our approved repair will protect you and your family/friends in a future accident.
• Our bodyshop can provide you with a courtesy car for free.
• Our outstanding Team will help, advise and update you throughout the whole repair.
• Our approved repair will maintain your cars residual value when you sell it.
• We provide a covid secure service to keep everyone safe.

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