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Why a Volvo Approved Bodyshop?

Choose Poole Accident Repair

In the unfortunate event of an accident, it’s important to ensure your Volvo is repaired to the highest standards without compromising its safety.

We are one of Volvo’s approved Bodyshops that recently won the ABP’s Vehicle Manufacturer Body & Paint Programme of the year. Our 10th award in the past 8 years.

Being a Volvo Approved Bodyshop means following exact repair methods using guaranteed genuine Volvo parts. That’s why we train and equip our award-winning technicians to carry out body repairs to the highest Volvo safety and quality standards.

Once we’ve repaired your vehicle, you will receive a five-year repair guarantee, exclusive to Volvo Approved Bodyshop customers. Your NCAP safety rating and anti-corrosion warranty will also be protected.

Helping you get back on the road – quickly and safely

Your insurer may suggest using their own suppliers to source repairs and components. These parts aren’t guaranteed to be genuine Volvo parts. Volvo’s Car Accident Assistance service prevents this happening. It’s free of charge to all Volvo owners and helps ensure all repairs meet factory standards. We’ll also provide a replacement vehicle to keep you moving for the duration of the repairs.

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In the unfortunate event of an accident, call 0800 777 116. If you select option 2, this will get you straight through to the Volvo team who are ready to help.

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