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Tesla Approved Accident Repairer

Poole Accident Repair is proud to announce its partnership with Tesla Motors Company, the manufacturer of luxury electric cars with instant torque, incredible power, and zero emissions.
As an industry leader, Poole Accident Repair already retains a number of prestige manufacturer approvals including Porsche and Audi and are now extremely proud to be one of the UK’s selected few Tesla approved accident repair facilities.

Tesla demand the highest standards from Poole Accident Repair through rigorous training and assessment of all our technicians. The aluminium welding capability is evaluated to ensure all safety critical welded joints can be guaranteed to meet strict Tesla manufacturer specifications along with the adhesive and mechanical jointing technology used in the construction of the cars. The Tesla vehicle body structure design incorporates the best in advanced structural aluminum casting, extrusion and stamped panel technology used in combination with the latest aluminum welding and adhesive bonding technology.

Leon Coupland, Director said:
“We are delighted to be accredited with approved status direct from Tesla with the full support of the main dealer network. Our Team fully appreciate these phenomenal everyday cars
and are fully trained and equipped to rebuild Tesla vehicles to the original specifications for structural integrity and quality of finish”.

“We are committed to making this a positive change for Telsa owners. Soon we will become a charging destination and look forward to being able to demonstrate our professionalism and expertise ensuring peace of mind for the future”

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