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Official BMW and MINI UK Approval

Poole Accident Repair makes it Marque

The approval from BMW and MINI UK allows Poole Accident Repair to work on multi material vehicle structures from its dedicated new 8,000sq ft. facility and in turn focus on paint, preparation and mechanical electrical trim repairs out of its original workshop.

Head of Poole Accident Repair business, Leon Coupland said: “Achieving approval for two such strong and visionary brands and adding them to the list of approved marques we already work on is such a privilege.

“The BMW Group Approved Bodyshop Programme commits to delivering the best service and reassurance during the vehicle’s repair process, dovetailing our mantra of looking after the customer as well as their prestige vehicle.”

Further responsibilities encompass supporting the customer and their insurer with advice and guidance; responding quickly to any questions; and entrusting BMW Group trained technicians to carry out work on vehicles.

The company only uses BMW Group Approved methods of repair, and only uses genuine BMW Group parts. It also ensures that warranties are in order.

The approval has been encouraged since the recent development of Poole Accident Repair’s 8,000sq ft. multi material workshop – one of only a limited number such specialist facilities in the country, adding to its existing 10,000sq ft. bodyshop capability.

“2017 has been a superb year for Poole Accident Repair, with our 8,000sq ft. expansion, the new marques’ approval in terms of BMW and MINI, repairing these vehicles to manufacturers’ exacting specifications possible.”

We look forward to welcoming our new BMW and MINI customers and their vehicles.

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