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Porsche Classic 911 Restoration Project 2013

Working in collaboration with Porsche Centre Bournemouth to celebrate 50 years of the Porsche 911, we decided to put our skills and knowledge to the test with our own restoration of a classic 1985 3.2 911 Carrera CoupĂ©, kindly loaned to us by Mr & Mrs West. This page was used to document the project.

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Latest Project Updates

Latest Project Updates

Painting the Porsche 911 3The Porsche 911 has been primed and painted and sent back to Porsche Centre Bournemouth where the polished engine will be fitted. Click here to watch a video from the paint booth of the car being primed and painted. You can also view a photo gallery of images captured during throughout the process.

Sanding 11We have recently been working to repair the corrosion in the bodywork and work is ongoing. Various parts have been sanded and removed for further repair and these will then be primered ready for painting. There was significant corrosion in the door frames, which has now been repaired.  Click here to watch our videos of the door corrosion being repaired and the paintwork being sanded.

Stripping PartsThe first step after receiving the Classic 911 Carrera from Porsche Centre Bournemouth was to remove the parts and fittings. As well as taking photographs, the team at Poole Accident Repair completed a full evaluation on the vehicle to determine the key areas for repair and restoration. Click here to find out more and watch a video showing a series of images taken by our technicians as parts were removed.

Video ThumbnailThis week we received the 1985 Porsche 911 Carrera from Porsche Centre Bournemouth, and the process to restore the bodywork to its original condition with paint and panel work is about to begin at Poole Accident Repair. However before the car was sent to us, the engine and gearbox had to be removed by Porsche Centre Bournemouth so that they can polish them. Click here to watch the time-lapse video.

Before Work Begins: BonnettBefore we started any work on this 1985 911 Carrera, we took some photographs so that we can compare them to the finished vehicle in a few months. We will be sharing some of our restoration plans on the website soon, but in the meantime if you have any specific questions please ask using our discussion forum tab above. You can even subscribe to receiving regular updates on the project using our sign-up form. To view the full gallery of 'before' pictures, please click here.



Before Work Begins: Wheel Before Work Begins: Driver\ Before Work Begins: RQ Before Work Begins: Interior 2 Before Work Begins: Interior Before Work Begins: FQ Before Work Begins: Exterior Detail Front Before Work Begins: Exterior Detail 2 Before Work Begins: Exterior Detail Before Work Begins: Door Shut Before Work Begins: Bonnett Arrival at PAR Arrival at PAR 2 Arrival at PAR 3 Arrival at PAR 4 Arrival at PAR 5 Arrival at PAR 6 Arrival at PAR 7 Removing the Doors Removing the Doors 2 Removing the Doors 3 Removing the Doors 4 Removing the Doors 5 Removing the Doors 6 Removing the Doors 7 Removing the Doors 8 Removing the Doors 9 Removing the Doors 10 Removing the Doors 11 Removing the Doors 12 Removing the Doors 13 Removing the Door Mirrors Removing the Door Mirrors 2 Removing the Door Mirrors 3 Removing the Door Mirrors 4 Removing the Door Mirrors 5 Removing the Door Mirrors 6 Removing the Door Mirrors 7 Removing the Door Mirrors 8 Removing the Door Mirrors 9 Removing the Door Mirrors 10 Removing the Door Mirrors 11 Removing the Sunroof Removing the Sunroof 2 Removing the Bonnet Removing the Bonnet 2 Removing the Bonnet 3 Removing the Bonnet 4 Removing the Bonnet 5 Removing the Bonnet 6 Removing the Bonnet 7 Removing the Bonnet 8 Removing the Bonnet 9 Removing the Bonnet 10 Removing the Bonnet 11 Removing the Head Lights Removing the Head Lights 2 Removing the Head Lights 3 Removing the Head Lights 4 Removing the Sill Covers Removing the Sill Covers 2 Removing the Rear Quarter Glass Removing the Rear Quarter Glass 2 Removing the Rear Quarter Glass 3 Removing the Rear Spoiler Removing the Rear Spoiler 2 Drivers Door 1 Drivers Door 2 Drivers Door 3 Drivers Door 4 Drivers Door 5 Drivers Door 6 Drivers Door 7 Drivers Door 8 Drivers Door 9 Drivers Door 10 Passenger Door 1 Passenger Door 2 Sanding 1 Sanding 2 Sanding 3 Sanding 4